Week 22 – Letting go

I am not eating certain things for six weeks till Easter to give a break to my body and allow detoxification. At the beggining of my diet at one point I was walking on the street, when I realised that I felt much lighter, it was wonderful. Later I decided to do a liver detox as well, which I had postponded for a year because it looked a bit challenging. I am in the middle of it and I already feel wonderful, a lot lighter. The physical detoxification made me think of my internal process. I have a colleague who I found very difficult to work with and I felt very resistant towards. As I have been doing the material I have become more and more conscious of the fact that this resistance is in the way, does not let me continue my journey and connect with my real self. Right. But how do I do this? It had been in my mind for a good while with the intention to resolve it. I did sits (Jana Martinez) where I filled myself up with love eliminating all resistance and anger, then I gave it out to the world, everyone, including this colleague. This was what I could do at the time and I just trusted that this would bring a positive change. One morning it turned out that I was working in her team that day. First my heart stopped beating from the shock, but then I thought I would wait and see what the day brought. I had a very good and fruitful day with her which made me think seriously about the natural Laws. I felt so light, filled with warmth and much closer to my colleague who seemed less of a monster and much more of a human being. So it all started from me, and all I have to do is pay attention within, the rest will follow without!

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