Week 17 – Growing dreams

A few weeks ago I realised that a lot of things that I think about pop up in my surroundings, I find more and more of them. It is part of my Dmp to be a mother and housewife. Needless to say that there are a lot of weddings, babies and toddlers around me, a lot of my colleagues, friends and relatives purchase their first property with the intention to settle down and make it a family nest. It is everywhere, so my desire to become it has been constantly flamed. It has been growing within me. The process got to the point where it had to be said out loud, had a chat with my boyfriend and it is a wonderful feeling to share this dream! It had been locked in, it was almost like something standing between us because of the unvoiced quality and now this is holding us together closer and stronger!

Give more get more. One colleague asked for some information about a course I did and she is interested to do, which I gladly gave. The support I got from her regarding my career has been jaw dropping for me. She not only gave me ideas, support and information on sources I could check out but invited me to do a presentation introducing my additional knowledge and skills at work. Can’t wait to be in service in this way as well!!!!


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4 Responses to Week 17 – Growing dreams

  1. Wow, great to hear these good news very happy for you:)

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  2. So nice that you are sharing your dreams with you boyfriend.. especially since he is a part of it.. great for you.. go get it 🙂


  3. Art Burleigh says:

    Ooooh – so that’s ALL great, Terez — Now that people are discovering MORE about what you want, what you offer, and how you can help them, the world is opening up more and more to you! That’s a lot to celebrate – Bravo!


  4. Sandra Owen says:

    That’s fantastic. I too have found the right people turn up just when you need to hear their message or need the next key along your path. So proud of you.


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